Oh shit! this is incredible - IBM engineer walks through the development of a FORTRAN program, including I’m guessing, the first appearance of a GOTO statement! Then, in part two, they have their FORmula TRANslator translate a Fortran program into IBM symbolic language/assembly, and output it to PUNCH CARDS!!. wow..

Rob Pike, Go Concurrency Patterns

I thought I had seen this, but no, it’s just a similar theme to other talks by Rob Pike I’ve seen - this one is quite fun to code along too, its a super neat and compact concurrency app..

BASIC at 50

Now approaching it’s 50th birthday, nice wee video about the origins of BASIC and Time Sharing..

Claude Shannon and the Clams

I finished reading James Gleick's The Information tonite - so good!

Really, the central character is Claude Shannon, who I'm ashamed to admit I didn't previously know much about. Had a quick search when i finished it and found this decent little 30 min documentary which gives a good overview -