Jenn Schiffer talks

Up at XOXO last year, the Jenn Schiffer talk was definitely one of the most fun:

this older one i found from 2015 is equally as entertaining, I love the opening sequence, it’s got a kind of “cool” Portlandia vibe!

Frank Quitely - Geek Hard

My mother, over in Glasgow, was telling me about a BBC program called A Day In The Life, and specifically of an episode about Frank QUitely - i found it on for about 30 mins but it’s already been taken down. (I didn’t get to see it either!!).

Fortunately however, I did find this lovely interview with “Frank” (whose name i just found out is a stage name! )

Oh yeah, Codetraxx

Oh yeah, that Codetraxx project I mentioned, which me and Tack have been working on - here’s a recording made using it. All samples included in the repo too..

Joshua Davis - Beyond Play

Wow. just wow…

Tack turned me onto this guy the other day - i love him! Artist/Skater/Hacker - whats not to love?!

This was following me and Tack’s Codetraxx project - which is working - we’re making music and synchronized via RabbitMQ as we set out to do - however we’ve hit a bit of a wall with the algorithmic math behind musical composition, so we’ve decided to focus on some mathematical hack nights for a while. Another friend of mine, Matt Spendlove, had told me about The Nature Of Code which i’ve been wanting to read, so I suggested we play with Processing - seems awesome already! So yeah, Codetraxx on hold for a while, and work on a couple of Processing projects for a while …

The Cardb0ard Computer Scientists

A wee slideshow of my Cardb0ard Computer Scientists project..

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These are all drawn on scraps of cardboard i had around, most are either from frozen pizzas or record mailers!

So far i have:

Charles Babbage
Ada Lovelace
Alan Turing
John Von Neumann // not pictured
Claude Shannon
Konrad Zuse
Vannevar Bush
Doug Engelbart
John McCarthy
Dennis Ritchie
ken Thompson
Ted Nelson
Seymour Cray

(Using the (Mousetrap)[] library)