Hey lovelies!

We’re hosting another awesome weekend of live music and art in our Backyard space next weekend, June 19th/20th.

We have an amazing body of work by Entropy, a good friend of ours, and local Sunset artist.

On saturday, we’ll have a live opera performance and talk by CĂ©line Ricci. She is the Founder /Executive Artistic Director from Ars Minerva, and live music from Murder Murder

Sunday we’ll have live music by Lunchbox!

Sunset Sketchers Group Show 2021

Woop! Got an awesome new backyard show coming up next weekend - Saturday and Sunday March 27/28 - the Sunset Sketchers Annual Group Show, 2021.

We have a ton of great art, and I’m particularly excited for some model installations by Thomas Beutel!

We have two amazing bands playing, one on each day from 3pm -

Cindy (playing saturday, 3pm)


China (playing sunday, 3pm)

We should have issue #2 of the zine ready too!

Come along!

videos from Algorithmic Art Assembly

Oh, should have posted this a while back!

All videos from the Algorithmic Art Assembly conference/festival I ran in March, are now online –

Friday Day

Friday Night

Saturday Day

Saturday Night

Bureau For The Containment Of Programmatic Lifeforms

I’m just back from a two week holiday in the UK, and while over there, I took part in the first Energized Labs meetup (thanks Matt!), and gave a talk about my efforts in trying to combine my art and tech influences..

Also check both Matt and Martin’s talks from the same session ..

Jenn Schiffer talks

Up at XOXO last year, the Jenn Schiffer talk was definitely one of the most fun:

this older one i found from 2015 is equally as entertaining, I love the opening sequence, it’s got a kind of “cool” Portlandia vibe!

Frank Quitely - Geek Hard

My mother, over in Glasgow, was telling me about a BBC program called A Day In The Life, and specifically of an episode about Frank QUitely - i found it on for about 30 mins but it’s already been taken down. (I didn’t get to see it either!!).

Fortunately however, I did find this lovely interview with “Frank” (whose name i just found out is a stage name! )

Oh yeah, Codetraxx

Oh yeah, that Codetraxx project I mentioned, which me and Tack have been working on - here’s a recording made using it. All samples included in the repo too..

Joshua Davis - Beyond Play

Wow. just wow…

[Tack]( turned me onto this guy the other day - i love him! Artist/Skater/Hacker - whats not to love?!

This was following me and Tack’s Codetraxx project - which is working - we’re making music and synchronized via RabbitMQ as we set out to do - however we’ve hit a bit of a wall with the algorithmic math behind musical composition, so we’ve decided to focus on some mathematical hack nights for a while. Another friend of mine, Matt Spendlove, had told me about The Nature Of Code which i’ve been wanting to read, so I suggested we play with Processing - seems awesome already! So yeah, Codetraxx on hold for a while, and work on a couple of Processing projects for a while …

The Cardb0ard Computer Scientists

A wee slideshow of my Cardb0ard Computer Scientists project..

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These are all drawn on scraps of cardboard i had around, most are either from frozen pizzas or record mailers!

So far i have:

Charles Babbage
Ada Lovelace
Alan Turing
John Von Neumann // not pictured
Claude Shannon
Konrad Zuse
Vannevar Bush
Doug Engelbart
John McCarthy
Dennis Ritchie
ken Thompson
Ted Nelson
Seymour Cray

(Using the (Mousetrap)[] library)