Craig Silverstein on the origin of Google

I only just learned about this guy Craig Silverstein, who was Google employee #3 after Larry and Sergey. There’s a ton more info about him if you go searching, but this is an ace little 10 minute video where he talks about the origins of google..

Vint Cerf, history of packets

Me and tack went to see the illustrious Vint Cerf speak during the week - he was awesome!

Here’s an excellent youtube interview with him, on the history of packets:

B0ardcast 28

Here’s this week’s B0ardcast, broadcast on every friday.

The B0ardcast Episode 28 by Sideb0ard on Mixcloud


Dhobi Fats - She Wants A Daisy
Betty And The Werewolves - Should I go to Glasgow?
Orange Juice - Poor Old Soul (Part 1)
halfsour - target practice (henry’s dress cover)
Japanther - All We Got Is Each Other (Peanucle)
Kitten Crisis - Yer Hair
Braves - True Feelings
peach kelli pop - Bat Wing
Plantains - Wendy
SadGirl - Lie Awake
Dream Whip - Beach Dreams
Santa Fe - Summer
Dante Elephante - Heartbeat
Literature - Dance Shoes
The Ocean Party - Went Out
The Zebras - I Have Decided
Failed Flowers - When You Said I Love You
ice cream social - bagel
Knight School - Pizza My Coat
Wakes - GONZO
New Swears - Jon’s coke
Jabber - Maybe Next Year
Ladywolf - Die Tonight
No Age - Everybody’s Down
Attendant - Call Me Back
Pope - Gearbear
Super Soaked - I JUST WANNA DIE (fidlar cover)
Cool Mutants - Be Dumb
CHEAP WIG - Sleep Deprived
SPORTS - I Liked You Best
Gurr - Hey, my friend
Dog Legs - Things I’ll Never Be
Counter Culture - Feelin’ Fine
American Culture - Just Driving Around
Posse - 14 Days
Upset - Linus
Let’s Say We Did - Someday Somedays
Twig Palace - Where Land Meets Sky
Boomgates - Cartons and Cans
flout - Seagrams
Aunt Sis - Dr. Dahl
The BFGs - Fuss
Tullycraft - Leaders Of The New School
Milky Wimpshake - True Love/Youth
Mark Wynn - I’m Bob Ferris x3 (And You’re John Cale)
Aidan Moffat - The World Around Us

Systems At Facebook Scale

Wow, this is one of the most practical, technical talks I’ve seen in a while - super good!

Weaponizing Your Pets

My wife and I got a new projector recently (this one), so I had some nerds round to watch some tech talks. My friend Jerome turned us on to this one, super fun!