Roots of Computing, 1963

Oh man, this is incredible, seriously best historic piece I’ve watched, with the origins of operating system methodoligies, and crazy typewriter I/O UX, pre-CRTs!

Docker Storage Drivers

Super nice quick overview of the importance of Copy-On-Write filesystems to Docker, going into detail of the benefits and downsides to each of the CoW options - AuFS, BTRFS, ZFS, Overlayfs, Device Mapper - great stuff!

From Config Management to a proper Scheduling system

This was the excellent closing talk to the recent CoreOS Fest, Kelsey Hightower walks through differing approaches to deployment, from configuration management to container scheduling, via Kubernetes..

Craig Silverstein on the origin of Google

I only just learned about this guy Craig Silverstein, who was Google employee #3 after Larry and Sergey. There’s a ton more info about him if you go searching, but this is an ace little 10 minute video where he talks about the origins of google..