Resident Electronic, SF

I took part in the monthly Resident Electronic sessions last week, was super fun!

Here’s my set from it:


Hey lovelies!

We’re hosting another awesome weekend of live music and art in our Backyard space next weekend, June 19th/20th.

We have an amazing body of work by Entropy, a good friend of ours, and local Sunset artist.

On saturday, we’ll have a live opera performance and talk by CĂ©line Ricci. She is the Founder /Executive Artistic Director from Ars Minerva, and live music from Murder Murder

Sunday we’ll have live music by Lunchbox!

Kei Terauchi - Outer Sunset Mix 2021

Recordings from Kei Terauchi to accompany her piece ‘What Makes The World Go Around - Outer Sunset Mix 2021’ in The B0ardside zine issue #2.

Sunset Sketchers Group Show 2021

Woop! Got an awesome new backyard show coming up next weekend - Saturday and Sunday March 27/28 - the Sunset Sketchers Annual Group Show, 2021.

We have a ton of great art, and I’m particularly excited for some model installations by Thomas Beutel!

We have two amazing bands playing, one on each day from 3pm -

Cindy (playing saturday, 3pm)


China (playing sunday, 3pm)

We should have issue #2 of the zine ready too!

Come along!