Wizard Book

I’ve never made it very far through my copy of Abelson, Sussman and Sussman’s ‘Structure and Interpretation Of Computer Programs’, so I was super excited to find this whole series of lectures online with Harold and Gerald Jay presenting the text as a course. The lectures help a lot, making it a whole lot easier than just wading through the text yourself. I went deep over the weekend, watching the first four of them - My Lisp foo is getting strong!

Full Course Online

BASIC at 50

Now approaching it’s 50th birthday, nice wee video about the origins of BASIC and Time Sharing..

Frank Quitely - Geek Hard

My mother, over in Glasgow, was telling me about a BBC program called A Day In The Life, and specifically of an episode about Frank QUitely - i found it on youtube.com for about 30 mins but it’s already been taken down. (I didn’t get to see it either!!).

Fortunately however, I did find this lovely interview with “Frank” (whose name i just found out is a stage name! )